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When bats are mentioned to many the first though that comes to oneís mind is Dracula and blood sucking vampire bats. For this type of Arizona bat control expert to take care of this Arizona bat problem would be Van Helsing. Now many people after the thought comes to their mind do not actually believe that there are bats roaming around the earth looking to suck blood. Well you where wrong there are blood sucking vampire bats. These bats are scientifically called desmodus rotundus and luckily are not a bat problem in Arizona bat control. This is because these bats need large amounts of humidity to live. This leaves them in the region of South America that is the most tropical. They love the humid and tropical air. The bats also do not reach the huge proportions that they have in the movies. Commonly they do not weight more than 60 grams or get bigger than 100mm. Those huge bats with the long wingspans are fruit bats, which get to have wingspans that reach 6 feet in length. The vampire bats have evolved in time to be very efficient with removing blood from their victims such as livestock. Their teeth are very sharp and have been developed to quickly make an incision that is so sharp that many do not even realize it has been done. This allows them to remove blood from their victim. For each vampire bat they consume 2-25ml of blood each day. The process of feeding can last from 2 to 4 hours if uninterrupted. These bats are very meticulous in their preparation. They first will shave off the hair or feathers that are in the way with their teeth. Then they use their upper and lower incisors to cut out an elliptical shaped pattern. Then the vampire bat will relax and suck the blood for the next few hours. These attacks on human are very rare though. Humans are not viable targets because most wonít let a bat sit on their neck and suck blood. What happens mostly is one will get a small bite and a person will react, then frightening away the bat. In Arizona, these Arizona bat control bat problems do not need to worry about this. If someone is bitten thought they should go to the hospital. The wound will not be very big but bats are known rabies carriers. Getting to a hospital will allow you to get the proper treatment you need in case you have been bitten by a bat carrying rabies. Vampire bats are real and share the planet with us. They just arenít as terrifying as you thought.

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