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When looking into Rhode Island bat control it is essential for people to learn what is going on before just acting. When people take it in their own hands without proper research many times more harm can be done. Harm to oneís property, the bat and accidentally to family members. If you are uncertain on how to perform bat control seek out a bat control specialist to solve your bat problem. This has lead to scientists to continually research bat control. One of the ways they have done this is by developing the bat house. You might be asking what a bat house is. Let me explain. Bat houses are a structure that is built for bats to inhabit this is not a tool to be a quick fix for bat control. These houses are at least 2 feet tall and have chambers that are at least 14 inches wide. They provide a landing area for the bats that ranges from 3 to 6 inches. The bigger the house the more bats will come and the better chance of populating. Most when building a bat house create four roosting chambers for the bats to attract a larger quantity. These houses most often are built from wood. Cedar is considered the best wood for a bat house, a bat control specialist will never use pressure treated wood. When constructing each box it is important for people to caulk all seems to keep light out of the box. After they have constructed a box they will then next paint the box. The color is dependent on the area darker colors for cooler areas and lighter colors for hotter areas. This will also be dependent on how much sun exposure the box is going to get. To attract bats these bat houses need to get a minimum of six hours of sun a day. Often in many climates the ideal number is 10 hours of direct sunlight. Once these houses are built they then need to be raised off the ground, this is done many different ways. With smaller boxes often these houses are attached to the side of a building. With larger boxes often these are raised up using metal poles. They have found placing them in trees in ineffective. The structures need to be twelve feet above the ground. A bat often prefers lakes and rivers. Some may say that these bat houses are even built in areas where bats get into homes to keep them out of human dwellings, donít believe this if a bat prefers your home over the bat house they will inhabit your home. Also while removing bats from a home the use of a cedar bat house can reduce the strain of relocation on their bat control species. Rhode Island Bat Control and Rhode Island Bat Problem professionals can be found in these counties: Bristol county, Kent county, Newport county, Providence county, Washington county.

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