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In the home state of Dracula there is a love affair with a Pennsylvania bat unlike any other state. Pennsylvania bat problems are not a regular thing, but they are when the latest vampire movie fails at the box office. That might be an exaggeration but to the people that live in the state bats are a source of income and nobody is looking to see them gone. They still donít like a Pennsylvania bat in their attics though. But a Pennsylvania bat control specialist more than any other group of people in the state has embraced the bat and the helpful qualities they can have on the environment. Hey Transylvania is famous for vampires and bats how can a state turn its back on them now. But Pennsylvania bat control has a new bat problem that nobody had seen until late 2007 in New York State. Pennsylvania has become the latest state to find bats suffering from white nose syndrome. This is a very scary disease for the Pennsylvania bat control population and soon they could be seeing record amounts of deaths in the Pennsylvania bat community. Bats with white nose syndrome where found in the caves of Luzerne, Blair, and Fyatte counties. This is not good news to the most bat friendly state in the country. The white nose syndrome was found only back in 2007 in the caves of Albany, New York. At first researchers were not sure what they had found as the bats were acting strange with a few deaths but not many. At the end of the winter they had noticed there were over 10,000 dead bats in the infected caves. Researchers had never seen anything like this and had hoped the disease was isolated in these caves. They thought there might be a chance since 90% of the bats had died. Unfortunately spreading of the disease has been rampant in the northeast with new states finding infected bats every month. Research has been slow to find any leads to cure the bat disease. What is known is that these bats have little chance of survival after acquiring the disease. These bats will not be able to hibernate and this gives them little chance to survive the winter. Researchers are frightful in Pennsylvania that the dead will increase as it has in every other state. Also what is worse is the fear of this spreading is already a reality in less than 2 years after it was discovered. Proper Pennsylvania bat control should be implemented by trained Pennsylvania bat control professionals so not to harm a bat in a Pennsylvania bat problem eviction.

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