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With a Massachusetts bat problem they are the same that have been scattered throughout the Northeast in the past couple of years. There has been a break out of white nose syndrome in the state in February of 2008. This fatal disease is running across bat caves in the Northeast killing off bats at an alarming rate. In Western Massachusetts there have been two caves that already have been reported of having infected bats. Wildlife bat control researchers are worried that this could already have spread to other caves across the state. Tom French who is the assistant director of the natural heritage and endangered species program of Massachusetts Division of Fish and Wildlife summed it up in unnerving words saying “No one has a clue what is going on.” These bats were found in two of the Chester mines a nearby third has not be affected but researchers believe that is just a matter of time since bats frequently fly throughout the three caves. Local homeowners around the mines had noticed strange bat behavior and called Fish and Wildlife. When researchers arrived they noticed these bats where not hibernating deep in the caves like normal each year. There where bats frozen and dead outside of the cave and then also somewhere flying around the entrance. They were more than likely looking for food because they were starving. For most of the population the results had not become deadly yet but bat control researchers said this was just a matter of time. When white noise syndrome was found first in the caves of Albany New York it was the same. These bats had the white fungus and were acting strange. Then a few months later the population of bats in each case had died up to 97%. Most believe that these bats are already doomed. Currently 15 different Universities are looking for an answer but they have been hard to find. Scientists do not know if the fungus is the primary cause of the illness or a secondary result. They do know that this disease is spreading and could make it across the country faster than you could imagine. With many of the bats in Maryland migrating during the winter and traveling up to 200 miles this disease probably already has spread. In other parts of the state such as the Rowe mines there have been no cases yet. Researchers will keep plugging away to trying and get this solved. Having problem bats dying at an alarming rate set precedence for a bat control specialist to solve your bat problem. To save as many bats as possible a bat control professional can remove bats without harm and not damage the populations of bats like this white nosed syndrome. There are professional Massachusetts Bat Control and Massachusetts Bat Problem providers in these counties: Barnstable county, Berkshire, Bristol, Dukes county, Essex, Franklin, Hampden county, Hampshire, Middlesex, Nantucket, Norfolk county, Plymouth, Suffolk, Worcester county.

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