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Idaho Bat Control, Idaho Bat Problem

The Idaho bat problem is actually on an upward swing in the state currently. But this does not mean there are fewer bats this means the population is actually gaining in numbers and bat control in homes are on the rise also. Idaho like the rest of the country is beginning to see the loss of many bats. This declining population has led to many of these species to be on the endangered species lists. There have been more and more bat problems adding through the years. This is because the decreasing area of their natural habitat leading to the need of professional bat control. Idaho bats thrive due to the abundance of inactive mines in the northern parts of Idaho. These mines can be a great place for large quantities of bats to be able to live. Barry Keller is the curator of the Mammal Collection and the Idaho Museum of Natural History. He has been conducting bat control studies in the research of bats in Idaho since 1986. With his work he has broken it down into three different parts. Part one is the evaluation of mines that serve and could serve as summer and winter spots for bats. Secondly to find out which types of bat control species are in the mines? Thirdly his part is to look how the natural lava tubes inside the natural caves of Northern Idaho provide roosts for a problem bat. The Idaho Panhandle National Forests have recently had many mine closures in the last century. This has led these too be used for bats increasing the bat control and bat problem population. This so far has been a successful program. Now the declining bat population in Idaho has been reversed. In the northern part of Idaho there are over 2,000 inactive mines that currently reside on Federal lands. Some have been shut down while others where just abandoned. Many times these mines are unsafe for people. This could be because of rotting structures, deadly gases, lack of oxygen, old explosives. The list goes on and on but no longer are these mines suitable for humans. This has lead to an emphasis on these mines because of those issues. Many are not sure if the bats that are taking over the mines are entering them as expansion of their existing population or because of relocation. This has been just a recent development in the last 100 years for bats so no one is sure. Currently there is a movement in the state to close these inactive mines. This could have a negative effect on the bats in the region. The need for bat control in Idaho is definitely need. Idaho Bat Control, and Idaho Bat Problem providers in these counties: Ada county, Adams, Bannock, Bear Lake county, Benewah, Bingham, Blaine, Boise, Bonner, Bonneville county, Boundary, Butte, Camas, Canyon, Caribou, Cassia, Clark, Clearwater, Custer county, Elmore, Franklin, Fremont, Gem, Gooding, Idaho, Jefferson, Jerome county, Kootenai, Latah, Lemhi, Lewis, Lincoln, Madison, Minidoka, Nez Perce, Oneida county, Owyhee, Payette, Power, Shoshone, Teton, Twin Falls county, Valley, Washington county.

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