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When looking in to the Hawaii bat problem we are left unknown with what these creatures actually are. Where are they from and how do they effect the environment? Let us take a look on what these creatures actually are. Many people do not realize that bats can be found stretched out across the globe. They have a good tolerance to hot and colds. They only cannot survive in areas of extreme heat and cold. This makes Antarctica the only continent that they do not call home. There are 1,000ís species of bats with most preferring warmer weather. They are typically found more often in tropical areas and rain forests. This is why we have bat problems in Hawaii and the need for bat control. Hawaii has only one bat problem species. The Hawaiian Hoary bat is included on the endangered species list and should not be harmed. A bat control professional should be contacted for this bat problem. A bat control technician should know the laws of Hawaii on how to deal with this endangered species. In the mainland of the United States there are a greater amount of species than on the islands. This is because it is too far for many species to get out to the islands. The most populated bats in the US range in the southwestern part of the country. Bats can live year round there and have an ample supply of food. In Texas there are 32 different types of bats flying around. When most think of bats they see the caves in their minds where bats live. This is true this is the best natural spot for bats to live. In the Bracken Cave in Texas there are 20 million Mexican Free Tail bats that live in the cave. Also some species of bats are known to live in trees as they use the big leaves as camouflage. Some will hide under the bark of the trees while other just hang from the branches. Also bats have been known to take over old mines that are no longer in use. This sometimes can startle people when going to explore an old mine. With man taking over nature we are seeing bats in our homes and buildings. This is because they are looking for protection. Most bats use these locations as a last stop location. One man made building that loves to attract bats are bridges. They hide underneath during the day and once the sun lowers they fly away looking for food. As scientists began studying bats they noticed they could build bat houses. This gives the bats a place to stay while allowing scientists an ability to study them. The only problem with this is that many times other animals get their first. Hawaii Bat Control and Hawaii Bat Problem providers are available in these counties: Hawaii, Honolulu, Kalawao, Kauai, and Maui County.

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