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The mysterious disease that is killing bats all over the northeast has been discovered in another region this year. You can add New Jersey to the list of states where white nose syndrome is devastating the bat population in this country and more specifically in the region of the northeast. This is still only being reported in the northeast but many fear that it will spread quickly across the country. The Hibernia mine was the spot of the latest find causing environmentalists in the New Jersey to shudder. Scientists have been unable to make much head way in research on the white nose syndrome disease. The Hibernia Mine is currently the largest population of bats during hibernation in the state of New Jersey. Since this find there have been cases of white nose syndrome being found in an old Mifflin County Iron mine where many bats spend their winter. As scientists look for answers they are being currently led only to new questions. The most common bat to be found infected is the little brown bat but in the state of New Jersey alone there are a total of six different bat control species that have the illness. There is big concern because in the Hibernia Mine there are many Indiana Bats that hibernate for the winter. These bats are already on the endangered bat control species list and if the disease where to make it across their species it might all but wipe them out. Fortunately there has not been a documented case of white nose syndrome in Indiana bats but many researchers think it is a question of when and not if. Scientists across the country are pouring in support to help find the cause of this disease. Small accomplishments have been made such as identifying the white fungus that gives the disease its name. There are still more questions than answers in the fight against this disease. They currently are not sure if the fungus is the primary reason for these bats dying or just a secondary cause. They still also do not know if they are dealing with a virus or bacteria. What is known is that these bats that contract the disease are unable to hibernate during the winter. They go through their fat storage quickly awaking being hungry and cold in the winter months. When looking for food in the cold they are left starving and freezing. New Jersey Bat Control, and New Jersey Bat Problem experts are on the ready in these counties: Atlantic county, Bergen, also bat control offered in Burlington county, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Essex county, bat control available for your bat problem in Gloucester county, Hudson, Hunterdon, Mercer, Middlesex, bat problems in Monmouth county, Morris county, Ocean, Passaic, Salem, Somerset, Sussex, Union, and also Warren county bat control.

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