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White Nose Syndrome has been found in the bat caves of New Hampshire adding another state to the epic that is wiping out the bat control population of the northeast. New Hampshire bat problems can be pinned down to the Vermontís Aeolus Mountain for the first spotting of the outbreak in the state. This bat problem was first found in New York in 2007 and at first it wasnít known to be deadly. Then after the winter when 1,000ís of the bats were dead researchers and authorities knew otherwise. At first they thought the disease was only in the New York region but as fast as they found the disease the spreading began. Now states all across the northeast are coming up with cases of white nose syndrome. New Hampshire is the latest to develop the disease. The Vermont Nature Conservancy owns the Aeolus Cave. Rose Paul is with them and was quoted saying ďI really donít feel like Iíve seen anything like this before. Itís Different. Itís so fast, and so drastic. These sentiments have been echoed throughout the science community in the last two years. This latest discovery is as recent of March 2009. There is large concern when the winter ends that these bats will migrate to other states and spread the disease. Bats from the Aeolus Cave have been known to travel as far as Cape Cod. With already falling numbers of bats in recent years there are realistic concerns that this disease can wipe out entire bat control species of if nothing changes. When scientists entered the cave they were taken back by all the corpses on the ground of dead bats from the disease. They also know the number is going to increase before the winter ends. There is still another month before the spring hits and these bats are able to leave the cave. Now at the American Museum of Natural History they are collecting these corpses to collect tissue samples to record the vanishing colonies. While there are 15 universities currently researching the white nose syndrome. The only breakthrough they have had was the identification the fungus that is prevalent on the bats. This is a major breakthrough researchers have stated but they are still unable to know how to stop the outbreak. With many bat control colonies loosing over 90% of their population environmentalists are worried about long term effects on the environment. Nobody is sure how this is going to play out. New Hampshire Bat Control and New Hampshire Bat Problem experts are available in these counties: Belknap county, Carroll, Cheshire, Coos county, Grafton, Hillsboro county, Merrimack, Rockingham county, Strafford, Sullivan county.

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