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The Delaware bat problem is not unlike many other states. But Iím betting when you read that sentence you donít know which avenue I am going to take. Bat populations throughout the state of Delaware along with most states in the United State are declining at alarming rates. If this does not bother you, than you probably are under the impression that bats are harmful. In over 99% of the cases this is entirely not true. Bats are part of our natural ecosystem in Delaware and part of the global ecosystem. Many time bats get a rough go of it because how they have been portrayed in Hollywood. They give these nocturnal creatures a bad name and have lead in their declining population. There currently many different species of bats on the endangered species lists. Also it is illegal for people to kill bats in many places. So if bats have crawled in your home and do want kill them call a bat control professional for the bat problem at hand who knows your state laws. There are plenty of non violent ways to take care of a Delaware bat problem. The University of Smyrna Outreach and Research Center is the home of the $30,000 study on bat control activity and restoration in the state. This was funded by the First State Resource and Development Council, USDAís Natural Resources Conservation Service and the Kent Conservation District. They all hope the project allows students to help do the research needed to find out the impact on the habitat and ecosystem that bats have. There are things we do know already. Bats are good for the environment in Delaware and worldwide for a variety of different reasons. These reasons are dependent on the types of bat control species that are prevalent in the region. In Delaware one of the primary roles of bats are to eat the insects across the state. Bats every night eat at least 1/3rd their body weight in bugs many of them being mosquitoes. And most of us agree that mosquitoes can be a pain to deal with. Unfortunately with the shrinking of the Delmarva Peninsula the habitat for these bats has been declining. In conjunction with this decline in habitat we are seeing a two sided effect. First bats are dying in numbers. Bats do not reproduce quickly so a population of bats can be killed off quickly. Secondly we are seeing a bat looking to our domains for places to stay this is where a trained bat control professional is needed for the bat problem. This leads to people finding bats in their attics and walls. If you would like to talk to Delaware Bat Control and Delaware Bat Problem Authority you can find them in these counties: Kent County, New Castle, and Sussex County

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