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In Arkansas bats are common place and there is always a need for Arkansas bat control for a bat problem.  This is because of the climate year round.  Scientists currently believe that there are sixteen species of bats in Arkansas.  Almost all of these bats are part of the Family Vespertilionidae.  The bats of Arkansas vary in size from as small as 3 grams to as large as 35 grams.  The largest bats in the state are the Hoary Bat which can have a wingspan of sixteen inches. 
Because most Arkansas bats prey on insects they are very beneficial to the environment.  An Arkansas bat problem can arise because of this.  Often times bats are attracted to public dwellings by street lights because insects are found by the lights.  A single bat can eat up to 600 insects an hour which includes mosquitoes.  Bats will eat 1/3 of their own body weight each night they go and hunt for insects.
Understanding this, Arkansas bat control needs to be done very carefully.  Remember it is illegal to kill bats and some are on the endangered species list so you can get in trouble if caught doing so.  Luckily there a couple of ways to remove bats without harming them or your property.  People with larger properties have actually found that is good to have bats around but not in their home.  Many times they will build bat houses for the local bats.  This will help protect their gardens and crops from insects and make their home more pleasant.  Furthermore they do not have to worry about the bats entering their home since they already have a spot close by.
First make sure that you actually have bats in your home.  Many times other creature such as squirrels are mistaken for being bats in the home.  The easiest way to do this is to see their droppings.  Their droppings will have bits of undigested insects in them.  Once you have identified the intruders as bats you need to identify how they are getting in, if you cant find the spot a bat control expert will.  These are usually small holes around windows and in chimneys and many other places that a bat problem professional could and will locate.  Look for brown stains around these holes.  Also waiting till night and turning on all the lights and looking for light holes can be a good way.  Once the holes are found you need to place a one way valve on them.  You want the bats to fly away at night when they look for food and then come back to find no way in.  Do not trap them in the house on accident or you will wind up calling a  trained Arkansas bat control company for your Arkansas bat problem expert.

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